As a member of Brody House, you receive access to our club rooms at Brody House and Brody Studios – drop by for breakfast, daytime working/meetings as well as civilised/raucous members events as suits. If you are lucky you may bag a game of pool with one of our visiting Hollywood stars… 

Budapest Members

Budapest members enjoy access to our club venues, Brody House that is open for breakfast, daytime working/meetings, lunch and Brody Studios where you can have dinner as well as civilised/raucous art events, live music, literary dinners and happenings. For an objective view of our offering, read what the Financial Times and other publications have to say. ​

How TO join?

Just before any cleverclogs cites Groucho Marx’s famous maxim, ‘I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member’ note that we have a rigorous membership process… Applicant members need two supporting members or cosy up to one of our membership team. 

international members

International members that are house trained and presentable enjoy access to our reciprocal clubs in London, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Athens, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Auckland.

Our affiliates

§  Athens - Salon de Bricolage
§  Auckland - Seafarers
§  Buenos Aires - The Clubhouse
§  London - The Groucho Club, The Hospital Club, The Lansdowne Club, The South Kensington Club, Blacks Club, National Liberal Club
§  Madrid – Club Matador
§  Munich– Heart House
§  Shanghai,  Hong Kong - Kee Club
§  Toronto - The Spoke Club

club rules

Membership of Brody House is membership of a club as much as it is of a positive and creative community. these club rules have been prepared in order to safeguard the integrity and value of this community. by accepting membership (irrespective of category) each member undertakes to abide by these club rules at all times. 

Brody House membership rules 2015

by the Brody House Group